Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It is a done deal. Kraus is moving on to litter under windshields

Decision is final to close UPMC South Side, merge with Mercy according to hospital CEOs

The combined July-August meeting of the South Side Planning Forum yielded a response to what residents can do to stop the closing of UPMC South Side, but it wasn�t an answer the roughly 40 audience members wanted to hear.

The decision is final, said hospital president Nancy Magee of closing the facility within five years as it consolidates with UPMC Mercy.
Nope. Can't do anything about it. Over and done. Finished. Caput. Dead. Wasted time there. Fruitless. Oh well. Get over it. Time to punt. Would-a, could-a, should-a don't mean crap. Scrap it. More senior housing or college dorms. Parking will improve.

Now there is a new space for the moved police station. Why not a big harry jail for weekend drunks caught on the video cameras.

Can't get to the South Side anyway -- as the bridges are out.

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