Friday, July 18, 2008

Mayor Unveils Plan To Curb Violence

So, do you rest easier knowing now that they were untruthful in the past? - Mayor Unveils Plan To Curb Violence Mayor Unveils Plan To Curb Violence
For years, we've been told by the city's leadership that where the police station sits is not a factor in preventing violence. The officers were all in their designated zone and didn't respond to calls by departing their desks in the police station. They had sectors. They stayed in those sectors, by and large. The station was just a place for the commanders to hang out.

Getting to a call for the police is much unlike that of the firemen. Firemen and even the EMS have stations. They have equipment. They respond to calls from a base. The police are rolling. They rove around. Where the police station sits -- West End -- matters little.

Well, now Luke Ravenstahl has a new plan. He'll curb violence by moving the police station.

Are we going to have COPS again. The COPS are "Community Oriented Police Stations." They are mini-stations for one person.

Furthermore, what happens in St. Clair Village is still not within sight of the new location for the police staion at the corner of Warrington and Arlington Ave.

Luke didn't mention a peep about the new cameras that he promised to have installed by summer.

I don't like the cameras. I think we need more cameras that are pointed at the politicians and the police -- and not the people. However, what's up with that?

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Matt H said...

Cameras in hot spots are a good idea. We would love them here in Elliott.