Friday, July 25, 2008

Board OKs merger of city arts schools

Board OKs merger of city arts schools Board OKs merger of city arts schools
For months, I've been saying that the merger of the middle school and high school is a bad idea. Recently, I've been less vocal because of our summer schedule. But, it still sucks.

Once again, the Pgh Public School District is doing the wrong thing. First, it is going against the wishes of many thoughtful parents and prime customers. We pay the bills. We get yanked around again.

This is bad news.

CAPA is not a clown car!

CAPA High School should expand. It is a school that is working better than the other high schools in the district. It has a growth opportunity with the addition of new floors within the building complex downtown. Put in more high school students. Expand the program that is doing well.

Rodgers Middle School is one of the very best middle schools in the city too. Same with Frick Middle Schools. Lots of middle schools are very bad. They do the wrong thing by messing with the best middle schools and do nothing with the worse.

Rodgers should not be put downtown. We don't want middle school students with high schoolers. We don't want yellow school buses on the downtown streets on weekdays in rush hour traffic.

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