Friday, July 25, 2008

Private Council meetings to halt

Private Council meetings to halt Private Council meetings to halt
Democrats met behind closed doors
This is another reason to not be a Democrat.

They should all resign. They've done much to advance the city's image as a smokey city.

Wilburn, our present house guest reports that it can be Smokey City or Smoky City -- as either way works for the Smokey Mountains!


Anonymous said...

John K: On that I agree.

Burgher Jon said...

First of all this is County Council not city, as could be implied by your post (though admittedly most of the county considers itself Pittsburghers). Secondly, let's not pretend that republicans would be any less likely to be all cloak and dagger about their governing of the city and county.

I think it's a good reason to challenge democrats to be more open, not a good reason to leave the party. Not that its a party you've been attending anyway :-P

Mark Rauterkus said...

I choose to live in ways that would object to closed meetings like the Ds have been having. Being a part of that party is not my cup of tea. Getting leadership that lives tht way is bad for the region.

If that isn't a reason to leave the party -- then I don't know what is.