Friday, July 18, 2008

Democracy Rising Reports about the PA Folly

Dear Friend of Democracy,

The latest news from the Capitol tells us one more time what we already know: Our legislature can't police itself, and it can't reform itself.

It's time for us to reclaim our government. But how?

By holding Pennsylvania's first comprehensive Constitutional convention in 135 years.

We need to re-invent our government - without touching the parts of the Constitution that guarantee our basic rights as citizens.

To do it right - to inform and engage the voices of ordinary citizens - won't be easy, and it won't be cheap. To be prepared, Democracy Rising PA spent two years collecting your ideas for changing our Constitution. You can find them all at our web site: . Click on " Constitution Rx ."

To meet the challenge of giving your ideas real power at a convention, Democracy Rising PA needs your help now. Please donate now to strengthen the voice of citizens at the convention.

Most of us already get it.

Even the opinion polls that our political leaders have bought - using our money - say so. Even before the most recent scandals, a clear majority of us understood that Pennsylvania needs a Constitutional convention to:

* Stop the perks.
* Stop the wasteful spending.
* Stop the self-dealing.
* Stop the insider trading.

But a Constitutional convention isn't just about stopping the corruption. It's also about debating and deciding ideas that citizens have for making our government better. It's about creating a government we can believe in again.

DR has been pushing for a constitutional convention since our founding, and we will keep pushing. But we need your support to:

* Educate citizens about our Constitution and about how our fellow citizens think we can improve our government.

* Help citizens understand how a convention works and how they can become a delegate.

Now is the time to push even harder and louder, and we need your support to do it.

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Do your part for our future.

In the past three years you have made history by voting key public officials out of office. Now it's time to make the future by reclaiming our government.

Help us prepare citizens for a Constitutional convention. Please take a few minutes and make the most generous donation you can - today!
I say that it is time that we stop the staff. We don't need to shrink the size of the house members and state senators as much as we need to fire all of their little drones who campaign, file petition challenges and have do-nothing jobs.

I'm sure that some are fine workers. But, they didn't do enough work to not allow the others from putting poision into the well of trust with the citizens and voters.

Flush them all down the drain. Then, perhaps, in a couple of years, we'll see where we need help. Help the citizens -- not government workers.

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