Friday, July 18, 2008

Pittsburgh's Hilton Hotel is making payroll -- but stiffing others

Radio conversations say the Pgh Hilton -- downtown -- is not paying its bills. The construction crew is off the job. This is much like the other big building project on the other side of the river, the Majestic Star Slots Parlor. The workers there left their jobs a couple of weeks ago because they were not being paid.

To be fair, (giggle) the Downtown Hilton suffered with the two year closing of Point State Park for that rehab. All will be better now that the ditch in the park was filled in -- for $15-Million.

Same too with Pittsburgh's "Big Dig," the tunnel under the Allegheny River for extensio of the light rail to the North Side stadiums and slots parlor. Hey, the Gateway Center T stop is closed. Oh my. How are people expected to get to The Hilton with the T-closed?

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