Friday, July 18, 2008

City to move police station from S. Side to Allentown

City to move police station from S. Side to Allentown When news of another St. Clair Village shooting reached Mayor Luke Ravenstahl yesterday, he was in a meeting about moving the South Side police station up to the Hilltop and decided, then and there, that it was time to pull a different kind of trigger.
More boots. That is the same kind of trigger.

So, South Side is without its High School. Without its Catholic Schools. Without its private elementary school, (Waldorf). Without its hospital shortly, as UPMC South Side is closing. Without its hockey rink. Without its Rookie Ball in the park. Without its South Side Summer Street Spectatuclar (horray). Without its rec coordinator at the South Side Market House. Without its indoor swim pool in the summer months. Without its Youth Hostel. (woops, that is in Allentown.) Without its debates for candidate elections. Without its parking. Without its EMS. Without its bridge lanes on Briminham to Oakland. Without its bridge, off and on, to Mt. Washington.

What else?

Frankly, I'm so excited that we have the lights on the Hot Metal Bridge.

These are quotes from Bruce Kraus:

"We have a revolving door in the commander's office," he said. "I am staffing 18 neighborhoods with 22 officers being my prime number at any given time."

Moving the station, he said, "was a unilateral decision made from an ivory tower by someone I'm not convinced knows the community."
Kraus is doing this?!?!?!?

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Anonymous said...

This could have been handled better. I have spoken to several SSers this weekend. Everybody better be keeping accurate records when the move is complete. Allentown deserves and needs more police presence, it hopefully will not hurt another community.