Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Got Ink: Double Trouble on the North Shore - Casino Journal -

My solution, a long-time held and ranted one at that, to the Don Barden and slots parlor mess, got reprinted within the P-G.
Double Trouble on the North Shore - Casino Journal - ".. Says Mark Rauterkus:

'Send the builders over to the white elephant Convention Center. Have them roll in the slots machines there. Open the slots parlor next week. And, have the money that Don Barden does have go to pay down the debt of the failing Convention Center. And, Barden's folks can also run the Visit Pittsburgh outfit too. If Barden wants to build in the future -- he can do it in due time after the conditions change.'"
The only thing worse than the finance cruch these days is the cost of gasoline. And the two tragic situations meet and dance together when you look at the Convention Center coupled with the slots parlor not being built.

The Convention Center depends upon travelers. Exhibits, expo vendors, convention goers all need to travel to come to Pittsburgh to fill the Convention Center, week in and week out. That isn't happening. We don't have the hotel (thank goodness). We don't have the airplanes flying into the airport. We don't have the taxi drivers. We don't have the subsidization needs to bribe others to come to Pittsburgh for a fling at that big green building that is really a white elephant.

There is NO HOPE that the convention center is going to be utilized as it should.

We didn't we put Schenley High School in there. Then 1,000 kids and some dozen jobs would put the building to use. The sky is falling there -- for sure.

Don Barden could walk away from the North Shore and set up in The Strip District's Convention Center. And, he could run the booked Conventions that are slated for the weeks, months and years to come along with the slots business.

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