Monday, October 20, 2008

Bonus pay for Pgh Principals gets some attention and heat

Where is the Act 47 to control the spending of the Pgh Public Schools asks a caller to the KDKA Radio show with Marty Griffin.

My message to him:

Pgh Public Schools' troubles spring from the other end of the spectrum. Bonus blahs for me.

Poor performing principals (and teachers, etc.) need to get the ax more quickly.

Downgrades and 'no pay' options need to be on the table as well.

Finally, Fed $ is still my taxpayer money.

Mark Roosevelt, superintendent of Pgh Public Schools, said that the bonus money was not taxpayer money. But, it is, as the host pointed out. The money is from a 'Federal Grant' so Roosevelt said.

Tranditionally, the problem has been with poor performing principals and other laggards in various roles. They have been allowed to stick around.

This gripe about poor performing teachers and principals are long-standing ones that might be less of a pressing problem now. I'm not sure how many bad performers are in the system this year. Pittsburgh schools could have a perfect staff in place this year where every employee is in a perfect role for his or her talents.

Often a failed teacher and/or a failed principal is a sign of a poor deployment -- not ill will on the part of the individual caught in a situation where there isn't a good 'fit' -- or else worse, in a no-win situation.

The deployment of the teachers, staff and principals needs constant evaluation and management. I've seen some movement and 'musical chairs.' Great. I hope that the moves are made for the right reasons. And, I hope that the right people are being supported in the right jobs.

The radio report says that only five principals got no bonus money. The majority of the principals got a bonus.

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