Sunday, October 19, 2008

Richard sent a message about a techie gathering. Open Street Maps visits Pittsburgh

Email message says:
I'm organizing an OpenStreetMap mapping party for Pittsburgh on or about the weekend of the 15th or the weekend of the 22nd of November. And I need some local Pittsburgh knowledge as a reality check.

Can you tell if there are any advantages / disadvantages of the two dates in terms of Pittsburgh events that would conflict or enhance the event?

And could you suggest a venue for the event? Ideally we like to have a public-ish venue with free wifi and close to public transit and something cool to add to the map.

Do you know of some local technology sites / blogs that would be interested in promoting the event?

Can you tell me of any local cycling, hiking, mountain biking, running groups that might be interested?

And if you would like to help me organize the event beyond the very helpful answers to my questions, I would be thrilled to co-host with you.

Best regards,
Richard Weait.

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shadow said...

I'd love to find out more about this; Please let us know when it's decided.