Thursday, October 16, 2008

Trash day was this morning, but there is no pick-up for recycling until NEXT WEEK

In the South Side, we've got dozens of folks who put out the blue bags for trash pick-up for recycled waste on the wrong weeks. I'd hate to see you get a $500 fine.

Other areas of the city are catching up to us in other areas too, it seems.

Citizen alert:
Criminal mischief in the East end
Over the last several weeks we have had a large number of reports on someone damaging flower pots, trash cans, breaking into cars, and stealing from peoples homes. Please remember that there are few tips you may want to try;
1. Always remember to check your doors on your car to make sure there locked before walking away.
2. Remember not to leave anything that criminal might want in plain view. This small mistake could lead them to break into your car, and then to something more valuable that you may have hidden.
3. Leaving items on your front porch either secured or not, is not a good idea. these criminals are willing to take the risk of stealing off of your property.
4. Finally, look out for you neighbors and hope they will do the same for you. Become a part of your neighborhood blockwatch, or if you don’t have one call your zone Community Relations Officer to start one.

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