Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Catherine's day with eye-candy and ear-protection

Catherine, my wife, goes to Beaver County on Wednesday to present to a classroom full of music educators for an in-service day. She'll present for three hours. It is a chance to teach the teachers. The students there must have a day off.

Kids and adults in musical classes could be exposed to sounds that are so loud that they're getting hearing damage. Drumming, brass instruments and other sounds can be so loud, especially in tighter quarters (like rehearsal rooms) with block walls that permanent damage could be a result.

We don't send our kids to school and expect them to get hurt. Furthermore, music teachers appreciate their sense of hearing.

The tiny hair cells in the ears, once damaged, do not grow back. The aim is to never loose them in youth or at later ages due to either very loud short bursts of sounds or with lesser volumes but for longer durations.

Catherine's wish, that ears would bleed. If blood came flowing out of the side of your head after noise (and loud music) exposure, most people would be more careful. Our ears go softly, sadly.

Those in chem class need to wear protective goggles. Play football and you'll need to wear a helmet. Well, march in band and you need to take care of yourself.

From Beijing 2008

In other news, Catherine has been formally invited from those in China to be on an advisory group. Sadly, she reports, there won't be any need to go back to China to fulfill these duties.

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