Friday, October 31, 2008

So, who is going to benefit, exactly?

Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents :: Electile Dysfunction: Wagner and Peduto? I'm disappointed that Bill Peduto and Chelsa Wagner have still not identified the charity to benefit from tonight's Halloween party. I'm a little more disappointed that they seem to be affronted that I would ask questions of them about a political event (we all know it is a political event). I asked some folks in the know, including someone connected to another state level official, and it does seem that there is an 'understanding' that we who identify as liberal/progressive are supposed to sort of grant more wiggle-room (for lack of a better term) to our progressives allies whom we've elected when they are doing the political/pre-campaign thing. I violated a taboo when I shared my opinion with the 57 people who read this blog, most of whom are other bloggers and already knew.
The shocker in this posting is that there are 57 people who read the blog.

But, I'd like to know too.

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