Saturday, October 25, 2008


Imagine a community without violence; a community where business leaders and educators work with neighborhood residents to help families feel safe and secure. Statistics show a direct link between high school dropout rates and violent crimes in Pittsburgh and across the state. Research also indicates that simply increasing graduation rates by 10 percent will prevent 150 murders and almost 6,000 assaults in Pennsylvania every year. Channel 11 searches for more solutions in a one-hour primetime special, "11 In-Depth - Violence Among Us." The 60-minute special will be hosted by Channel 11 News anchors David Johnson and Darieth Chisolm and will air Saturday, October 25th at 9:00 pm.

The program will bring together concerned citizens, experts and elected officials to look at the problem of violence, its causes and possible solutions. Among the guests scheduled to appear are Pittsburgh Chief of Police Nate Harper, William Strickland, the President and CEO of Manchester Bidwell Corporation, Director of the Black Political Empowerment Project, Tim Stevens and many others who are concerned about the rising tide of violence in Pittsburgh. Channel 11 News Reporter Vince Sims will file reports from the field and bring the street perspective to the discussion.

In the week leading up to broadcast, viewers will be able to take a "Channel 11 In-Depth" poll on The results of this poll will be used to guide the discussion as the causes of our current violence problem are debated. Viewers will also be able to submit questions to the panel of guests which will be answered during the program.

"11 In-Depth - Violence Among Us" is the latest in a series of WPXI "In-Depth" specials, a series of one-hour prime-time programs, each addressing an issue of vital community importance. Channel 11 Vice President and General Manager, Ray Carter, says the program is vitally important no matter where you live. "Unless we begin together, to solve the problem; violence and fear will only become more deeply ingrained into the fabric of life here in Pittsburgh. And that bleak view of our future is something we simply cannot accept."

"11 In-Depth - Violence Among Us," a one-hour prime-time Channel 11 News special, will also air Sunday, October 26th at 8:00pm and Friday, October 31stat 8:00pm on PCNC.

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