Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pull out firearms and insert handguns

Tonya Payne, D, member of Pgh City Council, was upset that news leaked from city hall that she was somehow against the proposed lost firearms bill now being discussed and voted upon.

Who leaked the false news? She has her opinions and hunches.

Doug Shields was the one who explained for the push to change the law from 'firearms' to 'handguns.'

A public hearing is expected as is a post agenda.

Question from 5th grader to visiting guest in civic's class: "Mr. Kraus, can you please take away the guns."

The answer should be, "No." It wasn't, I dare say.

Bill Peduto's intent isn't to saber rattle. He wants an enforceable law.

City council is again running out with an attempt with 'over-reaching legislation.'

At least this time, they are holding the proposed bill for community wide discussions. See you then.

More Pittsburgh council members sponsor stolen-gun bill
Pittsburgh Post Gazette - Pittsburgh,PA,USA
The sponsors are Council President Doug Shields and members William Peduto, Bruce Kraus, Darlene Harris, Jim Motznik, Tonya Payne and Dan Deasy. ...
Pittsburgh Council invites public scrutiny of firearm legislation
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - Pittsburgh,PA,USA
But Councilman Bill Peduto said that's not the idea. "It's not my intent to just saber rattle. It's my intent to have an enforceable law. ...

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