Wednesday, October 29, 2008

YouTube - Rauterkus's Channel update. Now 22 subscribers

YouTube - Rauterkus's ChannelUser name: Rauterkus
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On October 10, 2008, Bob Barr, candidate for US President, visited Pittsburgh. I sat in the front row and captured his talk with my video camera. I uploaded bits of it to YouTube and few came by to watch it.

I uploaded the entire talk to Google Video and Blip.TV, and few came by to watch it. Google video reports zero views for the month. Heck, I even watched it. With, 18 views. Only a couple of dozen were interested, it seems.

I've got 66 videos on YouTube. But, now, I've got 22 subscribers. Before there were less than 5.

Interesting. Either my videos stink. Or, people are not too concerned with what Bob Barr has to say. Humm....

I think that there is a bit of a problem when it comes to getting people to find and watch video content.


Anonymous said...


Not sure anyone cares what Bob Barr has to say.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Yes. You are right, it seems.

Wonder if the constitution and freedom are going to be bigger talking points after Nov 4?