Friday, October 24, 2008

Q&A about PodCamp Pittsburgh

1. What was one thing you learned at PCPGH3 that you didn’t expect to learn before the conference?

I got to meet the founder and two other workers from Blip.TV. I discovered that they have less than a dozen employees. The founder leans to the libertarian side, as do I. We'll be voting for Bob Barr and I was happy to tell him Blip.TV is the best for things like this.

2. Podcamps are notorious for inspiring creativity and generating ideas. Did a potential project spring up for you as a result of PCPGH3?

You betcha. I'm going to file for a grant at Alphalabs. But, the idea had been brewing for some time.

3. Who is one person you met (out of the many, surely) that has moved into your Reader/RSS feed, and why?

I'm going to watch Jim at Rustbelt because he is a stay-at-home dad. We rule!

4. What didn’t you get out of PCPGH3 that you wish you would have? (Session, info, topic, etc.)

I knew that very few people would be interested in a session on politics from me. Same too with sports. This crowd is too Pittgirl in their content hungers. However, SNL and other trends point to a big spike in attention to politics. So, there seems to be some gulf that needs to be bridged yet. Our political blogging landscape has seen many die out in recent seasons. That's a shame. I had a wish that a new age could take root with PodCamp Pittsburgh 3.

5. What social media goals have you set for yourself to achieve before PCPGH4?
To not burn out.

I'll do the tour of my neighborhood(s) for the 11-11 RW project. I'll give $.02 as I can. I'll be happy to lead another session next time and perhaps do more to invite and include another population of possible participants, such as coaches, school teachers, church webmasters, folk singers or open water swimmers.

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Justin Kownacki said...

I think there's still a need for political overlap at PodCamp Pittsburgh, but we have to find the right way to pitch it to people in a way that they grok in 140 characters. We had activists in attendance, as well as people interested in using social media to build communities to move ideas forward. Now we need to clarify "how" they can do that using these tools... maybe a panel on the topic could generate some buzz?