Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Larry Evans suggestion for Obama's campaign folks

This isn't the best place to reach Obama organizers, but, here is an interesting suggestion that makes sense to me. It comes from Larry Evans of Greater Pittsburgh.
Obama organizers:

At a recent Obama coffee at my home, our pool of supporters discussed briefly an idea that I think is worth tossing around with the campaign headquarters. It is important to be prepared after a probable election victory (also even after another possible narrow defeat) to give the army of Obama volunteers and supporters something creative and re-energizing to do after Nov 4.

To keep our grassroots interested and to grow its empowerment, here is my suggestion:

In every state, red or blue, Alaska or Pennsylvania, modestly fund each campaign office through December 31st to organize a symbolic Christmas Holidays activity (during the December 26-January 1 timeframe) that would benefit a local person/s or community organization in need.

An example of such an activity here in western PA could be the following:

Recently, the non-profit Carnegie Library of Homestead had to lay off workers because their funding took a dive due to investments gone south with the declining market. I talked to this historic library’s fitness center director Ed Child and we are considering holding at the Library’s gym, pool and lecture hall a week-long “Citizen-Athlete Sports and Music Festival” from Friday, December 26th through Thursday, January 1st where folks of all ages will contribute a fee to play basketball, volleyball, indoor soccer, swim and run (on an indoor track), as well as attend concerts and public forums and participate in physical skill contests and intellectual games emphasizing sportsmanship and citizenship ideals.

This community organizer’s dream event could raise some money and a lot of publicity for this highly symbolic facility deep in the heart of Steeler Country and show the nation that this regime change is truly from the bottom up and will jump start an inspiring and hopefully on-going activism that we all know must be an essential component to a successful Obama presidency.

Glad to talk more on this idea at your convenience…

Larry Evans, Pittsburgh, PA 15243

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