Monday, October 13, 2008

The Tartan Online : Residences on Beeler Street put under law scrutiny

The Tartan Online : Residences on Beeler Street put under law scrutiny: "The independence of Carnegie Mellon students living on Beeler Street is under the public eye and may soon be tested. In the past month, a grievance has been filed with the city citing a Pittsburgh ordinance that makes it illegal for landlords to rent out houses to a group of more than three unrelated residents.
The bills to send a student to CMU exceed $50,000 per year and the city is picking a fight with these kids. Golly. There are plenty of matters to focus upon with the city. Even with the life of the college students some matters do need to be addressed.

Here, again, they miss the mark.

The city needs to make a crack down on bad behaviors where victims are involved. Do not get hell-bent on the enforcement of bad laws where there are no victims.

Should there be people from an address that has problems with trash -- fix it.

Should there be some individuals who are loud and disturb neighbors at late hours -- visit them, fix it, and as necessary, have them pay damages to the victims.

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Anonymous said...

Seconded. As a student at cmu I believe that there has been no significant violation of resident rights on beeler street. The most unfair aspect of this is that beeler street landlords are allowed to lease out to a group of four students--however the city law says that three people must be related-so it's contradictory and unfair.