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Blast from the past: Winter of 2006 press release as a candidate

Press Release: Immediate
From Daniel Repovz, Media Coordinator,, 412-904-2976
Mark Rauterkus, candidate for Pittsburgh's City Council, district 3, special election slated now for March 14, 2006, released a four point plan to those in attendance at the Pittsburgh Airport Area Chamber of Commerce meeting today after the Craig Patrick of the NHL's Pittsburgh Penguins presentation.

The Rauterkus campaign stresses freedom, future, fitness and flow to benefit our entire region. Rauterkus said, "The plan is simple and as we think again on these opportunities, everyone I talk to is in agreement with me. 1) Own what you build. 2) Return what you lease. 3) Grow where you can flourish and contribute to flow. 4) Fix what you broke."
1. Should the Penguins get a new arena from the windfall of the gambling casino, then others must keep it. The city should not own the new building. Mario could own, operate, insure and program the new building. Do not build a new building and expect to hand its ownership over to the city nor an authority.

2. Should the Penguins move out of the historic Civic Arena, then they should not be the ones to tear it down. The Mellon Arena can return as a civic arena and stay as a place for other events such as Disney on Ice, Circus, Carrick High School Graduations, and scholastic basketball tournaments, such as the WPIAL and PIAA championships. Those events don't require luxury-corporate boxes with leather seats and catering services.

3. The Penguins and other civic and regional leaders should build the new hockey arena at the old airport or some other area in suburban Pittsburgh. The arena does NOT need to be built in downtown.

4. We should re-open the now closed, indoor ice rink on the South Side located behind UPMC's South Side Hospital. Rebuilding that venue and grounds should provides quality recreational opportunities to the city residents and the region. The Penguins had a big hand in getting that rink covered. Private operators had the contract to operate the facility at no cost to the city. Much more can be done to build there for many benefits of fitness and the future.
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