Friday, June 04, 2010

Fw: Nomination Papers

From: lpchair <>

We need your help to get Libertarian candidates' names on the ballot in November!

If you have not already done so, please volunteer to gather signatures on nomination papers for Libertarian Party candidates.  In Pennsylvania, these nomination papers are used to put our nominees on the November ballot.  Papers will be compiled for submittal beginning in mid July.

To volunteer to circulate nomination papers, please email and we will send you nomination forms and instructions.

If Libertarian candidates do not get their names on the ballot this November, the Libertarian Party may lose its legal status as a "Minor Political Party" in Pennsylvania.

 - If that happens, new voters will have a choice between Democrat, Republican and "Other" on their voter registration forms.  The Libertarian Party will not be listed as a political party.

 - If that happens, Pennsylvanians may have no third-party candidates to select when Republican and Democratic elected officials continue to increase taxation.
You can look at the basic guide here:
Please mail any notarized papers by July 15, 2010 to:

LPPA Chairman Michael Robertson
614 Canoe Ripple Road
Sligo, PA 16255

Thank you for your support!
Michael J. "Mik" Robertson, Chair, Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania
and Susan Haythornthwaite, Chair, Election Committee
Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania

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