Thursday, June 17, 2010

Southpointe sport fields fill growing local need

Nice for the suburban kids. Meanwhile, in the city, we get what?
Southpointe sport fields fill growing local need: "With World Cup mania at a fever pitch this week, local entrepreneur Matt Giglotti is thrilled that he decided to take the leap and start his own soccer-related business six months ago.

Mr. Giglotti, 32, of South Fayette, opened the Southpointe Fieldhouse in December after he saw the need for a large, indoor practice field to accommodate the burgeoning number of local soccer and lacrosse teams.

'There was nothing like this in the Pittsburgh area,' said Mr. Giglotti, a longtime boys lacrosse coach and former lacrosse player at Upper St. Clair High School and Penn State University."

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Pierre R. Wheaton said...

This is one of the problems I've always had with the Riverhounds. They've been looking for a place to put up a stadium and field complex for their entire existence and it seems like they've never given much thought to having a complex within the city. There has to be enough old brownfields along the South Side to put up a decent stadium and some fields. For all their talk about being a Pittsburgh based team, they don't pay much attention to potential fans and players living in the city. I'd love to go to a Riverhounds game, but I'm not gonna schlep out to Chartiers Valley to watch them.
All their community camps are out in the suburbs. I'd have a lot more respect for that organization if they actually tried to do some outreach in those areas where soccer has yet to take hold. it's easy to do soccer camps in Fox Chapel. Why not come into East Liberty, or Hazelwood, or someplace where the kids aren't from the suburbs.