Friday, June 04, 2010

Go get OpenOffice, recently upgraded to 3.2.1

The Community today announces the availability of 3.2.1, the newest version of the world's major free and open productivity suite. 3.2.1 is a so-called micro release that comes with bugfixes and improvements, with no new features being introduced. This release also fixes security issues, so we recommend everyone to upgrade to the new version as soon as possible.

This version is also the first one to be released with the project's new main sponsor, Oracle, and comes with a refreshed logo and splash screen.

"The Community is in the year of its 10th anniversary. We look forward to working together with joint efforts of a worldwide community, on one of the world's largest open source projects, delivering free software based on true open standards", says Florian Effenberger, Marketing Project Lead of He adds: "With the start of the Branding Initiative [2], the ongoing Project Renaissance [3] and with the recently-announced Summer Internship Programme [4], the community invites everyone to contribute to our efforts of improving the digital future."

According to's usual release cycle, the next feature release of will be version 3.3, and is expected for autumn 2010.

The Community celebrates its 10th anniversary this year at the annual OOoCon [5], to be held in Budapest, Hungary, from August 31 to September 3. The Community invites all to join us in this lovely and dynamic capital city, which was chosen by the popular vote among many global contenders. 3.2.1 is available in many languages for all major platforms at

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