Thursday, June 10, 2010

CAPA Enrollment Policy from Pgh Public Schools - Board news from January 2003

Another blast from the past:
January 29, 2003 - PPS Press Release

At its legislative meeting, the PPS Board of Education approved an enrollment policy for the Creative and Performing Arts High School (CAPA) that will permit students from around the county to apply and audition for admission to the program. Now housed at the BaxterBuilding in Homewood, the CAPA program will move to a new building at Ninth and Fort Duquesne streets at the start of the next school year.

Under the new policy, preference will be given to resident students who qualify for admission; however, up to one third of the school's enrollment could be comprised of non-resident students who pass the audition or portfolio review.

The policy stiupulates that the Pittsburgh School District will not cover any portion of a non-resident's tuition.

If legislation is adopted at the State level to allow for the transfer of student fees fromstudents' home districts to Pittsburgh, the difference between the payment and the actual per pupil cost will become the reponsibility of the students' parents. This may come from personal sources or scholarship funds, if available.

If such legislation is not adopted by the State, the students' parents or guardians will be responsible for full payment of the CAPA tuition.

Under the policy students applying for Grade 10 and above shall be subject to a special consideration panel that will assess each applicant's artistic and academic achievement, citizenship and attendance, and admit them on a space-available basis. Resident students applying for upper grades will have preference over non-residents.

In other action, the board approved the school calendar ...

The Board also approved the purchase of assessments to measure student performance in reading, writing, mathematics and science for a cost of $1.1 million. Additional mathematics assessments will be determined at a later date.

In personnel action the Board promoted Andrew King from his current position of Director of Student Services to the position of Chief Academic Officer. He will assume responsibility for overall school operations and curriculum development and instruction, among other duties.

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