Saturday, June 05, 2010

Comcast's Next Purchase: Gov. Rendell

From: Josh Stearns,

Cable and Internet giant Comcast has been trying to boost its bid for NBC Universal by shopping for political allies. And it looks like Gov. Ed Rendell’s support was for sale.

Since 2002, Comcast’s PAC, its employees, and the spouses of its top executives have donated $634,350 to the governor, who also reportedly earned $20,000 a year as a commentator for a Comcast sports program. In exchange, Rendell joined the governors of New York and California on a letter praising Comcast’s plans to merge with NBC.

In the letter to the FCC, Rendell called Comcast a "great American" company. This comes just weeks after Comcast was named the worst company in America in a consumer poll.

Comcast's takeover of NBC will mean higher prices and fewer choices for consumers across Pennsylvania and the country. It will likely lead to layoffs at local media outlets and will stifle competition in cable and online services. Even worse, it would trigger a new wave of media consolidation as other companies try to build their own media empires.
This would be one of the biggest media mergers in a generation, giving Comcast the NBC broadcast network, hundreds of channels, tons of websites, exclusive programming rights and a movie studio -- as well as control over distribution of all that content. Gov. Rendell has made it clear whose interests he represents. … and they’re not yours.
We need you to speak out against this merger today. The FCC has the power to stop the merger, and has asked for public comments on the proposed deal, but their review of these comments ends soon.
Your views should be more important than those of these sellout politicians. Take one minute to send your comments to the FCC.

The FCC must hear the real voice of Pennsylvania. Forward this e-mail to a friend and share it on Twitter.

Thank You,

Josh Stearns
Associate Program Director
Free Press Action Fund

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