Saturday, June 05, 2010

Democracy ideas in Letter to Editor

Voting changes would help

Who should have the right to vote in governmental elections? Is it ethical for people who are on welfare or who work for companies that have government grants to vote for politicians who promise to keep the money flowing to them? Is it ethical for people who work for government to vote for politicians who promise to continue their jobs? I say that anyone who benefits monetarily from government programs should be disqualified from voting.

In addition, in order to solve the problem of the "wasted vote" for third-party candidates, why not implement a system of "approval voting" in which people vote for all the candidates of whom they approve? The winner still takes all but, if you are afraid of an opposing candidate winning by voting for a third-party candidate, you can vote for the best candidate as well as one who may only be the better of two evils.

These two changes in our voting system would, I predict, result in substantial changes in the direction our country is now headed.

North Side

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