Saturday, June 05, 2010

The Moonlight Scribbler wants to save the Civic Arena too. Yes!

The Moonlight Scribbler: "My personal opinion is that the Arena should be saved and repurposed for a new function. I believe that the unique and iconic design of the arena is too important to lose and to re-use it shows that in this age of disposability, there is a place for the older classic structures given a new lease on life. It's easy to tear something down. But wouldn't it be nice to see the leadership of the city of Pittsburgh show some 'out of the box' thinking for once, and find a use for this structure instead of just tearing it down and replacing it with yet another look-alike grid complex of chain stores and entertainment outlets and acres of boring nondescript parking lots. I'm not against those uses, but can't we find a way to integrate the two ideas together? With the brainpower produced by the universities in this town, we can't find enough smart people who can make this happen instead of taking the easy way out and swinging the wrecking ball?"

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