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Russ Diamond for Lieutenant Governor

THANK YOU!June 8, 2010
Dear Mark,

I wanted to write to thank you for your support over the last six months and to give you an overview of the election from my perspective.

According to the Department of State, 36,004 Pennsylvania Republicans made me their choice for Lieutenant Governor. Not too bad for running on a shoestring budget. I'm certain the vote total would have been bolstered if I could have been listed as Russ "PACleanSweep" Diamond on the ballot, but Pennsylvania law doesn't allow that.

5,771 Lebanon County Republicans voted for me on May 18. To have won my home county by ten percentage points over the runner-up is an honor.

My candidacy carried me more than 22,000 miles to countless towns in every corner of the Commonwealth during the last six months. I witnessed increased interest in political matters from the general public far beyond what I saw while traveling the state after the pay raise in 2005-06. The increased numbers are both staggering and encouraging.

But meaningful change is a marathon, not a sprint, so I hope all involved now have the patience to stay involved.

My neighbors here in Annville West made me the precinct's top vote getter for Republican committeeman. I look forward to pursuing this duty by fighting for the principles of limited government and integrity, by seeking out like-minded candidates for public office, and by being available to hear my neighbors' concerns.

Last night I was nominated for Vice Chairman of the Lebanon County Republican Committee. I lost by only the slimmest of margins, 79-78, to a House Republican Caucus employee who is the son of a state Representative. This result was actually pleasantly surprising considering the makeup of our local committee. Regardless, I look forward to working with fellow Republicans here in my community.

Despite not winning the LG race statewide, I made significant headway on my top priority: A limited citizens' constitutional convention, where We the People, not politicians and special interests, can gather and propose reforms to the institutions of government while protecting individual rights.

Thanks to your support, I was able to expose more Pennsylvanians to the idea, turn some opponents into supporters and help raise the issue to the statewide level. I note that all four executive-branch nominees have publicly supported constitutional change, with at least three amenable to an actual convention. This was not the case when I entered the race.

A convention will likely be discussed with increasing frequency in coming months, considering a recent grand-jury report echoing my call, further corruption trials ahead and what promises to be a tumultuous budget season in Harrisburg. I will continue to promote such discussion and propose legislation to enable a convention.

I have some great ideas on how to move forward, but first I need to wrap up some loose ends regarding the LG campaign before I can embark on a new mission dedicated to advocating for a convention. If you could help by making a contribution today, I would certainly appreciate it. A contribution will indicate that you want me to continue down this path. 

Today's political atmosphere makes this an exciting time to be involved. I'm grateful for the opportunity to serve my community and the Commonwealth. Thank you so much for your support in this effort. Together, we can build a better Pennsylvania.

Russ Diamond

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