Tuesday, July 20, 2010

End Feeder Patterns in Pgh Public Schools for all high school students

I was at a meeting tonight -- news at 11 -- and I suggested that we need to push for the elimination of feeder patterns for all our high school students in Pittsburgh.

An objection came: I don't trust Pgh Public Schools.


So, then do you trust feeder patterns then?

Of course not.

Well then. It would be wise and logical to end feeder patterns for our high school students.

I trust the families and the students to make the best decisions for themselves. I would rather trust the families and students to make a good decision as to what school to attend rather than the so-called address of the student.

Choice is important. Choice means an elemination of feeder patterns. With feeder patterns, the choice is gone.

Feeder patterns enslave people to certain schools based upon geography of a residence. That's poor logic. That's not ideal.

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