Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fw: So You Want Reform? Here's Your Chance!

I want NOTA on every ballot. That is NONE OF THE ABOVE.

I want equal ballot access for all.

I want the Ds and Rs to PAY all expenses for their closed primary votes every spring.

I want assessment buffering so property taxes can only rise a percent of the changed amount over years.

I want a land tax to be at least 1 percent of all property tax bills so it has standing everywhere and can be a point to eveolve into over time.

A read the bills act makes sense. Then the legislature that passes the bills and budget must at least read it.

I want to cut the size of the staff of Pa House and Pa Senators so each gets only 1 helper. They should do the work themselves. The bloat is worse than the size of the districts.

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PACleanSweep - Put Your Thumbprint on Government Reform

So You Want Reform? Here's Your Chance!July 20, 2010
Dear Mark,
If you had your way, what government reforms would you enact?
Term limits? Changing the size of the legislature? Ending gerrymandering by fixing the way we draw legislative districts every ten years? Altering the way we select judges? Returning to a two-year budget process in Harrisburg? Putting new rules in place for campaign finance? Making elections fairer? Setting up an independent compensation commission? Recall? Referendum? Initiative? 
No matter what your favorite reform is, chances are you won't get it through the regular legislative process in Harrisburg. It's not because all legislators are bad people. Rather, it's simply because human nature gets in the way of voting for something that may diminish your own personal power or status.
Here at PACleanSweep, we want to give Pennsylvanians an opportunity the legislature currently isn't offering: a chance to gather together with like-minded citizens to discuss and debate reform topics.
Ultimately, we're working to convince the legislature to authorize a limited citizens' constitutional convention to do just that. But we understand that many legislators may be afraid of risking any of their current power or status. We also understand that some Pennsylvanians either don't understand, or have some fear of, the convention process.
To address these points, PACleanSweep is planning to hold a Constitutional Convention Exhibition in early 2011 in the Harrisburg area, and you're invited to be a delegate
During this exhibition, we envision up to 150 reform-minded citizen delegates from across the state getting together to debate and vote on a select number of proposed changes to the Pennsylvania Constitution aimed specifically at reform. What will those topics be? It's entirely up to you!
Of course, this will only be an exhibition, so any proposals approved by the delegates will not be binding upon anyone. But who knows - perhaps the legislature will take notice of the process and realize that an actual convention is the only way to solve Pennsylvania's crisis in confidence. Along the way, we'll be educating other citizens on how the convention process works and dispel some of their misconceptions.
While PACleanSweep will facilitate the exhibition, its size, scope, and duration - and the public support it generates for an actual convention - will be entirely up to those who volunteer to participate as delegates.
To gauge interest in such an exercise, we're asking potential delegates (YOU!!!) to sign up and provide some information on the PACleanSweep website. We'll use this information to better determine the duration, scope, and other pertinent aspects of the Constitutional Convention Exhibition.
You've always wanted to voice your reform opinion and have it make an impact, right? Well now you've got your chance. We look forward to hearing from you!
The PACleanSweep Team
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