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This was in Thursday's Trib.

http://www.pittsbur x/pittsburghtrib /opinion/ letters/s_ 691402.html

I thought the final paragraph was interesting - rather than a ruling class, libertarians on the Constitutionality Review Board would constitute a vetoing class. Still very similar to the wise philosopher- king of Plato's Republic. And just as Utopian. {;-)


Full letter text below~~~~~~~~~~

There has been much talk recently about changing state government in Pennsylvania, including a constitutional convention and reducing the size of the Legislature. Change we must, but the changes must include the following.

1. Eliminating salaries for legislators.

2. Convening the Legislature only by remote majority vote.

3. Creating a constitutional review committee that would evaluate any legislation passed by the Legislature.

Regarding elimination of legislative salaries: New Hampshire has a larger legislature than Pennsylvania but its state representatives and senators receive just $200 a year. Such a situation serves as an incentive to meet as seldom as possible.

The current situation in Pennsylvania (and everywhere else) has resulted in the creation of a political class that charges us for deciding how to control our behavior and spend our money. It encourages the Legislature to sit around and think of things to do. We need less of that.

Regarding convening the Legislature only by remote majority vote: By requiring a vote to even meet, much mischief can be prevented.

Regarding a constitutional review committee: At present, it takes a lot of effort and money to undo legislation that is unconstitutional. The burden is placed on the citizens. Instead, the creation of a constitutional review committee, consisting of libertarians who understand the moral and constitutional limits of government, serve for life and personally appoint each of their successors, will keep the Legislature from exceeding its authority by nullifying any legislation that it finds unconstitutional.

Nick Kyriazi
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