Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The View or The Boy Scouts? -- I'm not a scout, but I'd not want to rain on that 100th anniversary parade and Jamboree


This year is the 100th anniversary of The Boy Scouts of America, a group that exemplifies many of the best aspects of our nation.

President Obama was scheduled to address the Boy Scouts Jamboree, an event held once every four years, today at 11:00 AM, as our last three Presidents have done.

Unfortunately, Barack Obama decided he’d rather speak with some of his friends in the liberal media. He’ll be recording an episode of The View in Manhattan this afternoon then attending two high-dollar fundraisers for the Democratic National Committee this evening.

The Media Research Center’s own Penny Starr has been on top of this story from the beginning! As usual, NewsBusters and bring us a story that we wouldn’t see anywhere in the liberal media.

Left to their own, the liberal media will focus on the human interest angle of the President going on The View; they’ll conveniently leave out the slighting of the Boy Scouts to campaign among the liberal elites in New York and the media.

Mark, let CBS and NBC know that we expect them to cover this slight like they would if it were a Republican President.

CBS Evening News
Rick Kaplan
Executive Producer
Direct: (212) 975-3691
Main Line: 212-975-4321 NBC Nightly News

Bob Epstein
Executive Producer
Direct: (212) 664-3856
Main Line: 212-664-4444

Tomorrow’s evening news programs will feature stories about the President going on The View. If the MRC Action team makes their voices heard, NBC and CBS will have to tell the whole truth about President Obama’s appearance on daytime television!
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