Monday, July 26, 2010

Tech President email newsletter and Wikileaks

Wikileaks' Afghan War Logs: The Crowdscouring Begins The New York Times, Der Spiegel and The Guardian have all had the chance to provide depth and context to the cache of secret documents about the war in Afghanistan that WikiLeaks released yesterday. Now, writes Micah Sifry, we must wait and see if the rest of the Internet will also read the archive and add further meaning and insight.

Wikileaks Releases Giant Trove of Secret US Documents on Afghan War Here's Micah Sifry's first take on the release of the documents, from Sunday night. "If you didn't think technology was changing politics," he suggests, "perhaps now you'll reconsider?"

Wikileaks and Sourcing "Under this new world order," Nancy Scola asks, the new order being one in which a globe-hopping actor like Julian Assange can publicize sensitive government secrets on such a massive scale, "what has changed about the relationship between citizens and what they can expect to know about what their countries are doing in their names, even on the other side of the world? It might take a white-haired, admittedly oddball resident of Iceland —" that's Assange — "to get us to start considering that question."

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