Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fw: Call your legislators NOW about transit funding


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Subject: Call your legislators NOW

Jonathan and Mary Robison 154 N. Bellefield Av.#66, Pittsburgh 15213                                                                                            
Dear Friend,
          No, this is not our usual pre-election political newsletter.  It's an emergency appeal for action.
          As you may know, public transportation has a grave funding crisis.  The Port Authority of Allegheny County needs about $50 million to avoid another fare increase and major service cuts.  The Pennsylvania Legislature had planned to fund transit with a toll on Interstate 80, but the federal government disapproved.  As a result, the state is short about a half billion dollars to fix bridges and roads as well as for the state's 36 public transit systems, including PAT.  If we don't get about $50 million in new state money very soon,  PAT will be forced to eliminate about 30% of our transit service.  Neighborhoods will suffer.  Pittsburgh will suffer.  People will suffer.  The environment will suffer.
          Please join us in telling legislators why YOU and your neighbors need the bus or T.  Contact legislators at the Capitol Building, Harrisburg, PA  17120.  For local office addresses and e-mails go to or to the blue pages of your phone book.  Anyone who wants more details or wants to help can contact us.
          Why now?  The governor is calling a special session of the State Legislature for late July on transportation funding, now that we have a state budget.  That doesn't mean that he knows the solution or that they know the solution.  Over a dozen solutions have been suggested.  What is needed is for the legislative leadership to get together on a solution or a package, and enact it – this summer.
          Why can't PAT just trim costs?  PAT has already done that.
          Why your legislators?  Yes, they probably already support public transportation.  But a few calls will make them more assertive on this vital issue.
Please call YOUR State Senator and State Representative.
Please also call
   Joseph Markosek, Majority Chairman, House Transportation Committee  412-856-8284
   John Pippy, member, Senate Transportation Committee                            412-262-2260
Tell them why you and your neighbors need public transit
Please forward this message to all your friends – to your e-mail list.  We need to pass the word, especially outside Allegheny County.  Please contact us for any more information.  I, Jon, am president of the Allegheny County Transit Council, an all-volunteer organization representing PAT riders.
I urge you: please call your legislators.
Love and Peace,
Jonathan and Mary Robison

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