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Fw: [Locals] Reminder: Tour web tool features Friday, July 16 @ 11am PDT

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Subject: [Locals] Reminder: Tour web tool features Friday, July 16 @ 11am PDT

Please forgive cross postings. Pass along this invite to those you feel
would be interested in this presentation.

I'm forwarding this invite to all community builders, NCDD members, friends
and colleagues who want to tour the features of the This
web tool developed by volunteers enables neighbors to pool human and
tangible resources, self-organize activities, share great ideas, collaborate
on projects and organize community initiatives. It also offers agencies and
businesses a way to list resources such as workshops, speakers, goods and
services. We consider this the "prototype" of a more powerful tool that we
could develop together. This is an open source technology. Let's have some
fun adding some graphics, bells and whistles. We need to weave a global
grass roots safety net ASAP. We've got to work together to help and empower
our neighbors in need!

I'm giving a tour of the features of the web tool that
is a tool to advance Community Weaving neighborhoods, groups, and our whole
world on Friday, July 16 at 11am PDT. I discovered, a free
screen sharing site. Please confirm your interest in participating in the
tour by sending me your email address and I'll simply add your name to the
list. We'll use to connect everyone by phone and then
I'll share my screen using Mikogo. I've tested this free and user-friendly
tool with 3 colleagues and even though it requires a simple download
application, it is very safe and simple to use.

Features of include:

. Free registration to be a Good Neighbor

. Free registration for organizations to be Community Weaving Partners

. Drop down menus make it easy to pool skills, equipment and experience in
Resource Treasury

. Organizations may list programs, services and resources in the Village
Resource Directory

. Free searches to find resources based on multiple criteria selection

. Free searches to locate Good Neighbors who live nearby or share common

. Create Group ID to interconnect group members.

. Post social, recreational and educational opportunities

. Locate activities on Activities Calendar

. View Community Weaver trainings schedule

. View Family Advocate training schedule

. Map assets of groups and communities*

. Publish alphabetized directory of resources*

. Publish group rosters*

. Publish email lists*

. Publish reports based on specified selection criteria*

. Compile data to measure type, frequency, levels and value of engagement*
(Able to integrate values into a time-banking system)

* Trained Community Weavers who pass background checks receive a one-year
free subscription to all the reporting features of the GNN website. This
safeguards how personal information is accessed and used for security

At 3 pm in the afternoon, I'm offering free technical support for all those
signing up as Good Neighbors in the website. So save an hour between 3-4pm
PDT if you want to participate in this session.

Looking forward to connecting with those of you interested in weaving
community with this new web tool at Hope we can
collaborate on a project that will weave a new world to save our children's


Cheryl Honey, CPP

Family Support network, Int'l

(206) 240-2241

"The more resourceful we are among ourselves, the more valuable a resource
we become to our families, our communities and our world."

Cheryl Honey
Long Beach Peninsula, Long Beach
Info about Cheryl Honey:

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