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Fw: [wplug-announce] WPLUG InstallFest,Sat. July 31 at Northland Library

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Subject: [wplug-announce] WPLUG InstallFest,
Sat. July 31 at Northland Library

Hello Folks,

Well its that time again, WPLUG is hosting an InstallFest on Saturday,
July 31 from 10a until 3p at the Northland Public Library in
McCandless Twp. The library is on Cumberland Rd, just off Route 19
and McKnight Rd. See the URL below for more detailed directions.

The InstallFest will be held in the first floor meeting rooms 148.
Happily, the space is climate controlled and should be comfortable if
the heat stays with us into next weekend.

The library has an access ramp to the first floor lobby, located on
the left side of the building. I will have a hand-truck and cart
available to haul in equipment, so please feel free to stop in first
if you need to use one.

In addition to the typical InstallFest activities, I will be
presenting demos of the Kiddix Platform from Kiddix Computing,, a Gentoo-based OS
designed specifically for kids. If you are a parent looking to
introduce Linux to your child(ren), please stop by to take a look.

Even if you cannot attend, please help spread the word and mention
this event to family, friends and colleagues whom are users or might
have an interest in Free Open Source Software.

Event page with directions and more information:

Thanks and hope to see you there,
David Kraus
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