Monday, December 04, 2006

Allegheny County Democratic Committee

Allegheny County Democratic Committee: "Tuesday, December 05, 2006
More on the mayoral race"
We'll see if my comments at the Allegheny Dem blog stay on the site, or not.

Here is what I posted there.

In the blog posting above, you seem to hint that it's safe to say that all candidates will work with other public officials.

Why forget so quickly.

Mayor Tom Murphy, the biggest Dem in town for a dozen years, was NOT one to work with others. He was the best the Dems had to offer -- and he ruled the D party in town for years.

Tom Murphy didn't work well with others and the saddest thing of all was that the Ds with an ounce of juice really, hardly ever stood up to his folly.

There is little hope nor insurance that the Ds will offer a suite of candidates that work well with others. No guarantee at all.

Yeah, and Doyle is unbeatable -- so why did he take his Green challenger to courts in Harrisburg for an extended ploy to eliminate a challenger. That's unforgivable -- not unbeatable. They've already beaten up our shared democracy.

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Matt H said...

Tom Murphy was NOT the best the Dems had to offer. That guy was Bob O'Connor but the voters were too dumb to see it.