Monday, December 04, 2006

Jeff Koch is doing something on city council -- except it is as clear as mud

Here is a snip from the city clerk's web site showing the agenda of a pending (this week) Pgh City Council Meeting. This is a future city council meeting and we can expect a vote on something.
Bill number: 2006-0995

Resolution further amending and supplementing Resolution No. 180, effective April 5, 2000, entitled "Providing for an Agreement or Agreements, or use of existing Agreements and/or a Contract or Contracts, or use of existing Contracts, and for the purchase of materials, supplies, equipment, and/or services for various projects in connection with the Neighborhood Needs Program in Council District 3; and providing for the payment of the costs thereof," By adding new projects and by deleting various other projects. Total cost of all projects is not to exceed $970,000.
Wow. I bet you can't tell what is happening either.

We don't know how much money has been spent. We don't know how the money is slated to be spent. We don't know anything of the new spending plan for the money. We don't know squat.

This is a good example of why we have overlords in town running the city. The ones on city council are not responsible for being transparent and trusting when it comes to the spending of our money.

This makes for another good example of why those on council in a time of crisis should be put up for re-election every two years, not four. But, in this case with Mr. Koch -- that request will come true. Mr. Koch won a special election in March 2006 and will need to come before the voters in May 2007 for the primary and November 2007 for the general election, if he survives the primary challenges.

When bills such as these come before our city council, without specific insights in the slightest, then I'm saying we need different members on council.

In other city council news, I've put up a new public Google Calendar called Pittsburgh City Hall. If anyone wants to post dates and help to manage this calendar, or if you'd like to subscribe to this calendar, feel free to do so.

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Richmond K. Turner said...

My eyes glazed over about 7 words into the agenda item. I forgot who I was. My mind was suddenly blank, and I entered into a state of blissful unawareness. In short, I instantly became like most members of the Pittsburgh electorate. Maybe that was the item's true purpose: to take the very small number of interested citizens in Pittsburgh and stun them into apathy.