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Blow a certain trumpet - Trib headline

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Blow a certain trumpet - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Just as you have to break a few eggs to make that proverbial omelet, any reform-minded Pittsburgh mayoral candidate telling the truth will have to step on some toes. Actually, a lot of toes. And a lot of egos:"
Sadly, the biggest toes to jam upon are those at the Trib. The watchdog needs a big kick to awaken. The watchdog is not only sleeping, but also filling his landscape with waste.

The Trib is the first place that needs to get serious with coverage, issues, and politcal vision.

To look at the list from Colin, you'll find I agree with him as I've done the walk.

1. I've blasted developers, development deals, the URA and other mindless, costly, unproductive, undemocratic, unconstitutional happenings in our region. TIFs should end. Public dollars should not be used for things beyond roads, sewers and such.

2. I've blasted the nongovernmental organizations and elite weenies like few others. The South Side Local Development Corporation -- for starters -- here in my doorstep -- is a joke. The Planning Department, the Riverlife Task Force that didn't allow us to talk about the river's edge between the stadiums, etc., etc. The Allegheny Conference is poison to Pittsburgh.

3. The oversight boards are usless. Yes. And, I've called for the removal of the overlords. I've asked that they not be welcomed. Getting them out of town needs to be one of our very highest priorities in terms of vision and efforts in the week and seasons to come. I've called for them to meet. I've called for them to do different tasks. I've gone to their meetings and they've done nothing to help Pittsburgh except protect their own survival.

4. The organized labor stranglehold that the Trib calls upon DeSantis to break is funny. First, check to see if the unions have a pulse. Putting finger to the neck to feel for the beating blood from the heart so as to take a pulse might be called a choke hold to others. Frankly, it makes no sense to have government (in this case, the mayor -- or yet a candidate for mayor) be called out by an editor to strangle unions and organized labor. Better sense and actions would be for the strangle to be leveraged against the Trib's editors. But, I'm not in favor of anyone doing harm or calling for it. The unions are what they are. And, that ain't much.

For if the trumpet you say you're ready to blow should give an uncertain sound, expect few to join your battle.
Great hogwash Colin.

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