Tuesday, July 10, 2007

China executes ex-drug chief for graft - CNN.com

China executes ex-drug chief for graft - CNN.com BEIJING, China (Reuters) -- China executed a former drug and food safety chief on Tuesday for corruption in an unusually swift sentence which will serve as a warning amid a series of health scandals that have stained the 'made in China' brand.

The Supreme People's Court approved the death sentence against Zheng Xiaoyu, 62, who was convicted of taking bribes worth some 6.5 million yuan ($850,000) from eight companies and dereliction of duty, Xinhua news agency said.
They don't fool around.

In the US, Libby gets a pardon. In China, he'd be dead.

Today's front page photo of Fast Eddie with a big smile with a solution to the budget -- days late -- might have a different outcome if we were in China. If they are known to be corrupt, and say, can't pass a budget. They would not lay off thousands of employees and close the parks, owned by the people. Heads would roll, literally. They are there to do a job. Otherwise, they leave.

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