Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Crafton Celebrates 5K run and new biathlon, a success

We did it.

I'll get more 'official results' soon, but I've got some house work done to prep for our 4th of July party first.

The 5K run was a bit long. The distance was 3.5, not 3.1 miles. But, 110 runners and walkers participated. In 2006, there wasn't a race. This year was a revival of past years.

In the future, we'll have to have a race that goes 3.1 miles -- exactly. I promised that to Grant.

Seven athletes did the biathlon. YEAH!

In the competition with the running mates, Grant and Erik, I WON the 5K run. But, I got third in the 1K swim. Overall, Erik was first, then me, then Grant.

Official Results and New Course Records:

Key: Athlete (age-gender), Run/Walk time for the 3.5 miles (5K+) + Swim time for the 1K (1,000 meters / 44 lengths of 25 yard pool) = Total Biathlon Time

Chris Popovich (female): 27.22 + 17:56 = 45:18

Erik Rauterkus (12-male): 32.53 + 15.48 = 48:41

Mark Rauterkus (48-male): 31.28 + 19:24 = 50:52

Grant Rauterkus (9-male): 38.50 + 18:37 = 57:27

Sharon Gaitens (female): 50.24 (walker) + 18:50 = 1:09:14

Suzie Kozy (female): 60.05 (walker) + 20:12 = 1:20:17

Fin Swim Category:

Mary Luxbacher (female): 57.17 (walker) + 18:21 (with fins) = 1:15:38
We'll need to expand upon the fin swim and swim assist category. I love that as a competitive distinction. Next year, we'll advertise it far and wide.

It was a great experience. The boys and I loved our morning. The running award distribution concluded at 9:30. We went to the swim pool from 9:30 to 10:30, just as we expected.

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Mark Rauterkus said...

BTW, for my own peace of mind and mental footnote, I had though that my time for the swim of 44 lengths was 21:12. They said that had done 48 lengths and my real time at the 44 length was at 19:24. Humm....

I was too worried, I guess, at getting lapped by both Grant and Erik.

For me the race size was fine as I was able to compete and get into it -- without too much worry as an organizer / coach / parent.

In the 5K run -- I left Grant to fend for himself. I ran away, he jogged his own pace. That was the first time we had ever done that in an 'official 5K.'

Next up -- trying to get a biathlon with The Great Race. I've got a few ideas.