Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Demise of Rachel Ray?

This morning on the radio I heard that Rachel Ray, the spunky little chef, is moving out of the digs she shares with her husband of two years and perhaps moving to an apartment.

What's Rachel cooking up? Adultry.

Will the rumored affair with Colby Donaldson of "Survivor" and razor blade commercials fame tarnish Ray's "Girl Next Door" appeal?

Will the housewives and female general populous continue to adore the plucky Rachel, as she whips up delicious recipes with a boy toy in the wings? I haven't seen Rachel's syndicated TV show in a while, I understand that Colby is a part of it now.

Don't get me wrong, even a straight-as-straight can be Republican like me can see why Rachel will throw her up-until-now blemish-free public image into the kitchen garbage can for a handsome cowboy like Colby. And we don't know anything about Mr. Rachel Ray; perhaps he's a cad.

Don't know.

It's just a question: will these shenanigans do anything to the empire that IS Rachel Ray? Perhaps she will be on Dr. Phil before we know it.

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