Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Hogan's second book due soon

Hogan Hilling, a fellow proud dad, wrote to me with some news:

My second book “The Modern Mom’s Guide To Dads” is scheduled for release in September 2007. I co-authored the book with a mom, Jesse Jayne Rutherford.

View the cover and learn more.

Hogan Hilling
Hogan and I were both stay at home dads. We met and interacted with hundreds of other dads around the nation and world with a wonderful network of other stay-at-home dads. To this day, those email lists (and there was more than one) and extended internet discussions were the best I've ever interacted with a subscription, postings and plain old lurking.

Hogan delivered a talk to the International Lamaze Conference when it came to Pittsburgh's Hilton a few years ago.

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