Friday, July 06, 2007

Local scholarship fund with swimming, cancer, travel, and hope all mixed together

Home The Marissa Boyan Scholarship Fund is a 501 (c)3, non-profit corporation.
Here is where the Pittsburgh Bloggers should lend some attention, good will, and financial assistance.

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Mark Rauterkus said...

Email sent to some local bloggers:

The Hands Across the Burghosphere project should get started with a
local project -- and I've got a great one in mind.

This guy needs help with his web site.

This guy needs help with the mission.

This guy is an inspiration and showing a high degree of self-less-ness.

It mixes health, youth, energy of action, local young people and more.

Two links:
Article: Channel crossing a tribute to friend, Fund-raiser to help
teacher with tumor

+ + +

My first suggestion was to help with the micro-credit, I
still feel that a micro-credit effort makes for one of the very best
opportunities today -- beyond a specific cause.

+ + +

I'm a swimmer. I coached at Canon-Mac even, for a short time, in the past. But, I don't remember this person there then. Point being, I have no relationship with either person. It isn't my pal. But -- if and when it is a success, this person will get a nomination from me for the Dapper Dan awards for next year, and to Man of the Year for Pittsburgh Magazine.


His window for the English Channel swim in July 18 to the 28, but
wants to make the swim either July 20 or 21. He plans to leave for
London July 16.

So why not just hold a spaghetti dinner or a hoagie sale?

'The English Channel is the Mt. Everest for swimmers,' Brent said.
'You swim it because it's there. No one in Pennsylvania has ever done
it before.'

It's that same determination that Bill sees in Marissa as she works
every day to improve."

= = =
So, this drive would be "current" -- get the pun!