Tuesday, July 03, 2007

My next race is ....

We are set to hit it hard for my next race.

I was going to put this into an email blast, but my blog is good enough.

My next race is with my sons -- as we'll do the Crafton Celebrates 5K run and then hop into the swim pool for a 1K swim. It is a first ever biathlon. Two trials, same morning and I've got two nasty competitors.
From Frick-swim

There is NO WAY I'll win. Erik, 12, is the favorite. I'm fighting for respectability and a shot at 3rd among the three of us. It would be the same in the November 2007 mayor's race too. Oh, well... It is great family building.
From Erik

Predictions welcomed.

Last year, Grant (now 9) and I did 5Ks at Brookline Breeze and the Great Race. He did a 38 and then a 35. I ran with him on both. But, he out sprinted me at the finish. Throughout, he was a mule and I was a ram. It wasn't about 'grace.'

Well, a year makes a big difference in the life of a kid under 10. But, who knows what his attitude will be like.

We're up at 6 am (our regular time). And then we are at the park at 7 am. The 5K race starts at 8 am. We'll be done by 9. Then the pool is to open from 9:30 to 10:30 for the 1 K swim.

In the swim, last year, at Camp Chikopi, in the 1 mile open water swim, I beat Grant by less than 1 minute. Erik was about 9 minutes ahead of me.

The boys are in very good shape. I'm not. But, attitude and experience -- as well as plain old pride and bribes, are going to count for something. Erik might not be so keen on stepping out on his own. It may depend upon the girls in the vicinity as to what he does in the road race.
From Erik

My predictions among my main running mates:

5K run:
Erik = 31 min
Mark = 32 min
Grant = 39 min

1K swim:
Erik = 13:20
Grant = 15:50
Mark = 17:00

Biathlon totals:
Erik = 44:20
Mark = 49:
Grant = 54:50

Trouble is, Grant could go 39 on the run -- or he could go 45 on the run. Or, he could go 29 on the run. No joke. He is untested. Check back around noon to learn of the outcomes. I hope the weather holds.
From Grant

And, you too can be a part of one or both races. Cost is just $8 for the 5K.

Next year, this will be big! This year, we'll be there to establish new course records.

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