Monday, December 10, 2007

Sofa Sleeper to good - or not so good - home. Before Backyard Brawl special - or great for huntin' cabin.

This has to go! It hits the sidewalk for bulk pick-up by mid week. It is now on the first floor by the front door ready to roll. Help find a new home.

Pitt plays at WVU this weekend. So, we gotta give-a-way this sofa sleeper. It is still indoors! It is perfect for a tailgate if you got the brawn to move it. It is ideal for a hunting cabin. Works! Folds out into a bed. All the cushions are there. It is about 20 years old.

Call me: 412 298 3432.

Goes to the first person who has a truck to haul it away. It is on the South Side Flats. Would fit into a pick-up truck.

Matches are not included.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Could take this to N.H. or Iowa to sleeping between campaign stops.