Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ron Paul - A Person of the Year for 2007 - from TIME

Ron Paul - Person of the Year 2007 - TIME Booed by Republicans for his isolationist foreign policy views and anathema to Democrats for his anti-government philosophy, the Texas congressman was proudly out of step with both political parties. But marching to his own drummer, the grandfatherly libertarian found himself leading an online parade. Millions of dollars poured into his quixotic presidential campaign, raising an inevitable question: What's next for this free-thinking and strangely compelling grassroots crusader?
First, he is NOT an "isolationist." Rather, he is about NON-INTERVENTION. To isolate isn't his, nor my, pathway. Rather, free-travel, free-trade, free-markets, among free-people works best. I want to be friends with people from around the world. I went them to be my customers, suppliers and competitors too.

I want them to be free. And, I want to be free.

I don't want to impose MY WILL upon them. I don't want the USA military to invade foreign land. I want others from around the world to know us for reasons beyond our might, or from the other side of a gun.


Anonymous said...

John K. says: If Ron Paul is running as a Republican why do you describe him as a libertarian? Does he just like Republican money and access to their free publicity? You would think the guy could run on his own principles. Lieberman did.

Mark Rauterkus said...

They guy has been a Republican in the US House of Reps for 10 terms.

He runs on his own principles -- always.

Just as there are neo-con Republicans, corporate-welfare Republicans -- or yellow dog democrats, etc. -- being a libertarian (small "L") politiican is a decent description.

Plus, the concept of "free publicity" because of a "R" by one's name makes me giggle.

Ron Paul does not get "R" money. In many instances, he runs against the 'money interest' in the party. Ron Paul is getting lots of money to the "R" side that would otherwise NOT give to any "R" candidate.

The Rs are luck to have Ron Paul.