Wednesday, December 19, 2007

City weighs UPMC trade-off

Coverage in the P-G from yesterday's actions.
City weighs UPMC trade-off Council delayed a vote on the resolution pending an as-yet-unscheduled public hearing that activist residents demanded.
Figures, the P-G coverage gave me recycled electrons in the early edition that went online. By mid-day, my name had fallen off the story. By the next morning, when the printed paper gives ink to the story, the citizens are just a peep.

The big story was that this "Pittsburgh Promise" was stopped -- for now.


Anonymous said...

John K. says; Still wondering why no one wanted hearings when UPMC first offerred the money with no strings attached. I guess it all has to do with shaking down big corporations for money. UPMC fired back and now Ravenstahl is apologizing for the actions of the City Council. Man you gotta love this stuff.

Jake said...

Why? Probably because when it was first offered, it was packaged as a gift. Then it was revealed that this gift came with conditions.

I would hope that enough people would care about the machinations behind the deal to want a little transparency.

Mark Rauterkus said...

When one nonprofit gives to another, there is no need to demand a public hearing. Government is NOT in the game as two nonprofits hold a transaction.

I don't think there is a role for government to play in this donation.

UPMC seems to think it does. Now we need to talk about that interaction.

UPMC wants an insurance policy (UPMC sells insurance) against the long-term health of the city's budget.