Monday, December 10, 2007

New Swimming t-shirt

From Grant
Grant, my second child, now 10, is in a swim meet on Tuesday, tomorrow. I'm the volunteer coach. The Phillips Elem School team goes to the city-wide swim meet at Alderdice at 1 pm. So, we got new t-shirts.

Speaking of shirts, I pulled one out from my stash. It was a shirt I designed years ago when I coached in Illinois with the New Trier Swim Club.

Its inspiration comes from sailing shirts. When in a sailing race, there are few chances to have directions put onto paper and held in one's hands. The hands are busy with the lines and sails and such. So, the instructions for the course are often put onto the shirt, printed upside down so it is easily read by the one wearing the shirt.
From swim-drills

We did this for meet behaviors. It is called, Phase One. Phase Two has yet to arrive.

Communicate about participation months in advance.

Arrive early and be ready to swim at the start of warm-ups.

Act, stay and be dressed as a team.

Know your times.
(past, best, goal, dream, standard, actual)

Only positive talk.

Cheer weird.

Talk to the coach before and after every race.

Just drink water.

Update your improvements.

Sign-up for more meets.
This conversation about the t-shirt came from our talk about Grant's coach this year at the JCC. He is a great young coach and he has a tatoo on his arm that says, "To do:

His body art is functional. The tatoo, on the inside of his lower arm, is a blank template of a to-do list. Then he uses a ball-point pen and writes down the things that he has to do. He gets points in my book for being clever.

Tomorrow, we get to wear new t-shirts for the swim meet! Grant is in the 10-and-under backstroke. More about the meet in a day or so.

Tonight (Monday), at 7 pm, Erik, plays violin at the Frick Middle School, Pittsburgh Frick 6-8, at the holiday concert. Perhaps he can use the concert as an excuse for added protection at school today -- given how his team won the football game yesterday. Erik loves the Patriots. And, most of those close to him have come to understand this about him.

Yesterday's concert at PPG Wintergarden with the PMA (Pittsburgh Music Academy) was great. Stay tuned for photos.

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