Friday, December 14, 2007

They are hungry at the European Short Course Championships: Lazslo Cseh Downs Second World Record in IM

I.M. Hungry.
Lane 9 News Archive: European Short Course Championships: <font color=red>Flash!</font> Lazslo Cseh Downs Second World Record in As Many Days

Posting splits of 54.93, 1:54.24, 3:02.97 on the way,
Hungary's Laszl Cseh became the first sub-4:00 man in the event as his 3:59.33 knocked more than a second off his global standard of 4:00.37 set in Trieste in 2005.
This gives the US Men, such as Phelps, some competition. The world is swimming very fast in advance of the Olympics. It is going to be an interesting year for international swimming.

Locally, best of luck to the swimmers who are in the annal Pitt Christmas Meet. It started today and goes throughout the weekend. Many of the region's top swimmers participate.

Best wishes for Coach Jay and the team in Somerset who is also hosting its first big prelims and finals meet there. I tried to get Jay to consider some interesting twists to that meet format -- some we picked up from New Zealand Swimming.

I'd love to see us do Adam & Eve races. That is a two-person relay based off the results of the 50-free. The fastest boy finalist is coupled with the 8th (if in an 8 lane pool) fastest girl. Second with seventh and so on. Kids from different teams mix it up in the same relay. Kids decide who goes first, boy or girl. Then one race in each age group is held. Prizes were given as well.

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